• By the time he recognised her, he too was recognised, and half way up the climbing path they met. She was carrying her hat in her hand, and the sunlit sparks of fire in her brown bright hair, that the wind had disordered into a wildness that greatly became her and the spirit of the spring morning. Her brisk walking had kindled a glow in her cheeks, and she was a little out of breath, for she had run down the path from the crest of slope beyond. Standing a step or two above him on the steep slope their eyes were on a level; as straight as an arrows fight hers looked into his.A seguito dellevolversi della situazione legata al Coronavirus, le date di alcune manifestazioni possono variare rispetto a quelle programmate, anche con breve preavviso.
    Vi invitiamo a verificarle presso il sito della manifestazione stessa.



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